How bad do you want it?

Success doesn't just happen, it starts with HARD work

Travel Baseball Teams - Development

ApexElite was developed from the A2i Academy to provide an opportunity for players to compete, train and grow. 

The purpose for ApexElite is to create an outlet in the northeast that enables kids to have the opportunity to grow with sports and academics. We will seek financial support through sponsorships and developing our own cash generation processes that will aid to grow and sustain the organization.  Our single goal is to provide youths the opportunities to experience competition at higher levels while developing a road-map and process to achieve their goals.  

The APEX Elite organization is designed to develop players from multiple sports with the proper skills to compete and grow as individuals.   APEX Eliteprograms provide the opportunity for year-round players to benefit from the resources of a full development facility. We don't believe Elite is born.  Elite is a product of hard work, a process to follow, change in habits, change in desire a complete evolution.   APEX Elite is focused on growing, mentoring and developing youth athletes' in the Tri-State area and eventually nationwide.  Our organization will provide experienced coaching for training, fundamental skills development, newly updated training techniques, programs and a facility to grow for the sport of focus.  The limitations for these youths will be controlled only by how bad they want "it."