How bad do you want it?

Success doesn't just happen, it starts with HARD work

Our APEX DEVELOPMENT CYCLE is designed to couple physical, mental, and character development into the athlete and individual.

As the body changes so does the mind.  Some changes come with success, some come from maturity.  Whatever occurs within the athlete our training is designed to teach them about growing individually and as a member of an organization.

We encourage individuality and creativity, but not as a means to gain attention but as a mechanism to gain personal and professional growth.

 Development to play Nationally, Collegiate or higher is a commitment.  Not that people don't get the opportunity, but  you can pave  your path and establish opportunities with the correct goal setting and work ethic.  Nationally, doesn't  mean just playing on a  travel team, it means being recognized by Perfect Game, Baseball Factory/UA, USA Baseball as  a collegiate or professional  projected talent.  It is very important that you have goals, work your strengths but your weaknesses even harder.  You have to  develop great character and commitment and be willing to identify what you will sacrifice for your goals!  Sacrifice is what separates  talent from hard work when talent does not work hard.  Training is year long - with minimal downtime.

High School should be a focus starting in 7th grade for any player who loves baseball and has demonstrated at or above peer level ability - it is important to start putting 70% into your probable role and ability.

Middle School should be a focus starting in 5th grade for any player who loves baseball and has demonstrated at or above peer level ability - this is where development focus needs to start with programs to build a base to support future physical growth.

General Skills are done through lessons and clinics and practice

Development is subjective to interpretation.  Although, we have programs and paths no 2 athletes are truely the same.  Development should be a collaborative effort based on the goals and objectives of an individual athlete.  That does not mean you shouldn't take a program we offer, but you should not limit the program to obtaining the goals you have.  The programs should facilitate a path for your objectives and expected results from the program.  Constant evaluation and measurement of your results to your goals should be an evergreen process.  This is where we can greatly assist you and your athlete.  Below are some of the categories that we focus: